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About Racket Sports SARL

At Racket Sports we love padel and that's why commit all our energy and expertise to provide best-in-class padel advisory services in Luxembourg and its neighbouring regions.

Provides best-in-class padel services

We offer full suite of products and services related to padel: Club Management advisory, turnkey club projects, organization of tournaments, recreational padel tours all over Europe, best prices in selected top brand products, and much more...


We work with all stockholders (court manufacturer, construction company, land owner, public entities, banks, logistic companies, insurance companies, etc.) to provide you a tailored project proposal within your investment budget. Upon your approval, we supervise the project implementation by coordinating all parties to guarantee that suppliers and third-parties deliver contractual commitments on quality and on time. For your piece of mind, we take care of everything until the club opening on day 1 (when we “give you the keys”).

Search a land

We accept mandates to search for a land and a building suitable to your padel club.

Apply for licenses

We accept mandates to apply for licenses and building permits on your behalf.

Raise financing

We accept mandates to raise financing for the project (i.e. bank loans, mezzanine debt, etc.)

Advisory to structure

We offer advisory to structure the project financing (equity vs. minorities vs. debt)


1.- Advisory service resulting in improved occupation rates and optimised club income

.- Pricing advisory.

.- Initiatives to increase volume (without dropping prices)

2.- Implementation of market-leading booking systems leading to cost reductions, including but not limited to:

.- Automated demand creation

.- Practical & safe sales collections; management of invoices, debts, receipts, etc.

.- Computerised connections to lightning systems

.- Increased players engagement (more recurrence, less cancelations, etc.)

.- Reduction of administrative workload

.- Insightful reports

3.- Automated booking and scheduling of lessons

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4.- New sources of income:

.- Highest-yield, best-fit sponsors

.- High-converting online and in-club stores

.- Vending

5.- Bar/restaurant binary decisions: rent or operate, ideal product mix, optimal opening hours, etc.

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6.- Court maintenance best practices

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You can book and schedule your padel lessons in Luxembourg here.  We work with the certified and experienced padel professors for all levels. We can pool you in lesson groups of your same approximate level.


Organization and execution of padel tournaments of all types: corporate leagues, regular club leagues, week-end tournaments, exhibitions, clinics, etc.

Provides ALL tipes of tournament

We implement  a ranking system in your padel club.


We organise the padel holidays of your dreams. Explore our packages here. We take care of your flights, your accommodation (incl. breakfast), and of course your padel clinic! Sign up with family and friends and have a blast!.- Usual format is a long weekend (i.e. Thursday/Friday to Sunday), but other longer formats may be available in Easter, summer or Christmas. We also arrange the transportation from and to the local airport, as well as from and to the local padel club. We propose optional activities besides padel, or you can also go your way.

Our Team Members:


Our team is composed of passionate padel players with complementary areas of expertise.

Our commitment is to work with integrity, professionalism and determination.

We only accept mandates and projects in which we believe we can create value for the customer.

Peter Schmidt 

Creative Director

Julia Foucher 

 Business Analyst

Anna Hoffman 

UI Designer

Andreas Holz 


  • Bridel, Luxembourg
  • contact@racketsports.lu
  • +352 2786 1208

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