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Padel advisory services

in Luxembourg

Racket Sports is your trusted padel partner

Turnkey solutions

All our projects are delivered "keys-on-hand", giving you full piece of mind for your padel club

Padel lessons

We provide certified coaches to start offering padel lessons in your club

Professional team

We bring our large experience and our passion for padel into every project

#1 in Luxembourg

We are the first padel company in Luxembourg. We belong to the largest community of local padel players.


New padel courts: we take care of every detail

Reliable providers

We work with the best padel court manufacturers, constructors, civil engineers, insurance companies, etc.

Permits and licenses

We apply for all public construction permits and licenses on your behalf with local administrative entities

Structure & financing

We fundraise investor capital and bank loans on your behalf. We advise on ROI to be offered and cost of debt.

Land prospecting

Finding the right spot for your new padel club in Luxembourg can be challenging without a good network

Overall club concept

Indoor or outdoor? Bar or restaurant? Key early decisions that will influence investment, pricing and strategy

Business plan

On paper everything looks nice. We risk-proof your BP: we verify your assumptions, assess competition, etc.


Padel academy

Book and schedule your padel classes with Racket Sports. Our head coach is Enric Batalla, a certified and experienced padel professor of all levels. Enric has a Master Degree in Sports Management and a Technical Degree Padel Teacher from Spain Padel Federation and he attended to International Teacher courses. He is a WPT player. Request lessons here or download this PDF  for more information. 


Long padel weekends or weeks in holiday destinations. Our packages include all sorts of padel activities with top coaches, accommodation, and some other activities. We are waiting for you!


Carles Giner

Ladislao Checa

Our team is composed of passionate padel players with complementary areas of expertise.

Our commitment is to work with integrity, professionalism and determination.

We only accept mandates and projects in which we believe we can create value.